Thursday, May 29, 2008

Booking Through Thursday - Reading Fundamentals

Here's today's BTT question:

What is reading, anyway? Novels, comics, graphic novels, manga, e-books, audiobooks — which of these is reading these days? Are they all reading? Only some of them? What are your personal qualifications for something to be “reading” — why? If something isn’t reading, why not? Does it matter? Does it impact your desire to sample a source if you find out a premise you liked the sound of is in a format you don’t consider to be reading? Share your personal definition of reading, and how you came to have that stance.

I think my answer is going to be short and sweet on this one because I think all of these are reading. I also think reading aloud is reading, as is reading the newspaper, cereal boxes, blogs, and websites.

It's all reading to me because each of these things provides information in some format whether it be visual or auditory. I can't include TV or movies in this because they don't activate the mind and imagination in the way that an audiobook or a comic does.

I also think we do kids a disservice in today's education but not training them to read all forms of media, including comics, manga, and audiobooks. Each of these genres require specific reading skills. We need to equip our young people to handle all of the reading demands that will be placed on them in the future. That;s probably the driving force for my definition of reading. I believe we need to educate kids for the reading they will face in the future.

Do I prefer to hold a printed, traditional novel with chapters and very few pictures. Yes, but that's probably because that's the way I was taught to read. Do I find reading blogs and websites more difficult? Again, yes, because I haven't had as much education in how to read these forms of media.

Do I think one form is better or really reading over another? No. I have my preferences, but I can also see the allure to all of the above.

What do you think?


Laura said...

How funny--I just posted my idea of what reading is, and it corresponds very well with your idea! I too prefer to hold an actual book or magazine when I read, but my definition of reading goes far beyond. It's good to get a teacher's perspective!

Literary Feline said...

You make some very good points. I also think it's important to allow children to experience a variety of forms of reading.

And I definitely agree with your final statement. I, too, have my preferences, but that doesn't set what I prefer above the rest. They each have their own value to society.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well, I prefer to read whatever is in front of me, in whatever form, as long as it is interesting and well written.

I agree that comics, magazines, (including Lego magazines), and all that, are reading (don't know what manga is??)