Monday, July 16, 2007

Daddy's Girl

I just finished reading Daddy's Girl by Lisa Scottoline. I don't like reviews that simply recap the story so you're just going to get my opinions. But first, I should say that my husband always tells me that my taste in everything - books, movies, and television shows - declines in the summer so I tend to read books that are quicker and more fun to read. So, with that said:

Strengths of
Daddy's Girl: It's a fun read with lots of exciting twists and turns. I quite liked the heroine - probably because she's a law professor who is honest about her struggles in the classroom. I can appreciate that as well as Scottoline's book dedication to teachers. Thanks for the recognition. I also enjoyed how she injected humor into the minor characters, even when the action got quite tense. The character of Nat showed growth and development throughout the story which is unusual in today's literature. She ended up being a person who would be enjoyable at a dinner party, and she reads a lot of books. Good for her.

Weaknesses of
Daddy's Girl: The concluding plot twist (which I won't reveal so I don't wreck the book for anyone) came a bit out of left field. Maybe I missed some clues earlier in the plot, but I really didn't see it coming. I don't need to have happy endings, but this one didn't quite work for me. It didn't feel in tune with the characters.

Overall, it's a fun summer beach read. If anyone has insight into the ending, I'd appreciate your comments. Happy reading!


alisonwonderland said...

this is on my TBR shelf. thanks for the review!

Heather said...

It's so tough to come up with twists that seem natural once they happen, yet come as a surprise. I truly admire authors who can pull it off.