Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tumbling Blocks

Before I leave on vacation, I wanted to get in a quick review of Tumbling Blocks by Earlene Fowler which I just finished. Just to warn you, I tend to like mysteries in a series and have read most (I won't say all because I probably missed a few along the way) of the Benni Harper mysteries. These are my lazy summer reads. So, with that said:

Strengths of Tumbling Blocks: Having read most of the series makes me comfortable with the characters and setting of Benni's world. In this book, I especially enjoyed the information about "outsider" art and the growth exhibited by Benni's husband, Gabe. Fowler's writing is like being wrapped in a cozy quilt (Yes, I know ... the titles) on a cold evening ... it's comfortable, familiar, and predictable. I always enjoy the humor in the writing and can appreciate the relationship between Benni and her best friend.

Weaknesses of Tumbling Blocks: I pretty much had the mystery solved by the middle of the story and got a bit annoyed that Benni was being so dense. Also, the ending was too quick and easily resolved. Maybe I expect a bit more from the endings of novels ... it did tie up the loose ends, but I prefer a bit more suspense at the end of a mystery.

That being said ... it's a fun beach read and would be a great companion on a quilter's weekend. Happy reading!

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Have a great trip!!! And come back rested, renewed and with pics to share.