Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday's Six - Karma

OK ... I almost skipped this one when I read the questions because it seemed kind of deep and metaphysical but .... if you believe in karma, and I do, then I'm meant to think about these things at this point in time. God, or whatever power source you believe in, led me to these thoughts. So here it goes:

1. What is the most unlucky thing that has happened to you all week?
I don't think it was "bad luck," but I did have to tell a small lie to my parents to cover for another small lie I had told them earlier. This really was a result of my being untruthful and, maybe, it was God's way of reminding me of that.

2. Do bad things happen more often to good people or bad people?
I think bad things can happen to anyone - look at Darfur or the Holocaust. I don't think that people attract these bad things to them either. I really believe that sometimes we are put in situations which are totally beyond our control, or comprehension, because we do not know what the Divine Plan truly is. I do believe we can control some things using theories of positive thinking and the laws of attraction discussed in The Secret.

3. How much do you believe that you can improve your outlook in life (from a “fate” perspective) by doing good deeds and correcting past wrongs? I'm not sure about this one ... the question could mean many things. However, I do believe that there is some kind of "karma bank." What I mean by that is that I can attract a positive outcome to an event by using energy in a positive way. Now, I may not always realize how the events are connected because I'm not a part of the Plan, but I do believe my actions have ramifications to my future.

4. Take the quiz: What will happen to you in the future?

The Quiz of Luck - What Will Happen In Your Future?

Seems like you are not in big trouble. Actually, this result is actually BETTER than average. You will have a perfect job. You will make a lot of money. The job that you will have is being a kind of doctor. You will not marry. Many (wo)men will like you or did like you in your college, but you don't think anybody is good enough for you. You will live in a two-story house when you are older. Two stories all for you is good enough for you! You will have many dinners in your house. The bad news is that you will be very lonely and sad - perhaps almost depressed when you are older. Yes, you will think that money is not everything in your life. Feel good young man. You will not bald /*_*\ Your hair will be the same as it is right now. You will feel that you are one of the prettiest/handsome (wo)man there is for your age /*_*\ You will be the over average (wo)man. In your future, nothing will hurt you. Only pain on the outside. When you are 87 years old, you will die of painful cancer.
Take this quiz!

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This is an odd quiz ... results don't truly reflect me, and the grammar is awful!

5. Do you believe in fate, coincidence, or both?
I'm not sure I believe in either because if everything is fate then I can't make any changes, which I do not believe to be true. I believe that I can use positive energy to make changes in my life. So, if I believe I can make changes, then I don't think everything is a coincidence either.

6. Overall, when “bad things” happen, how often do you believe the victim generally “had it coming?”No, I can't believe that any merciful God would punish people with mass exterminations or painful illnesses. I find it difficult to blame the victim for events over which they probably had no control.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Boy that quiz had you all wrong! Except for the not being in big trouble. But then, the school year has not started yet. ;)

I agree that we can attract positive outcomes by how we choose to respond to events around us. True True IMO.

meowminx said...

I like your answers - I wish I thought about mine a bit more.


BookGal said...

Pres ... my goal is to avoid trouble for a while!

Meow ... thanks ... it was a tough one this time.