Monday, August 15, 2011

Musing Mondays

This week’s musing asks…

Do you like looking at other people’s bookshelves?

Yes, I'm a bit of a snoop that way.  Probably like everyone else.  I do wonder if bookshelves are going the way of record players because of the number of Kindles and other ebook readers out there.  I've also started conversations with people I see reading Kindles.  I've found that people who are sitting reading in public places tend to like to talk about what they are reading.

What about you?


Dead Trees and Silver Screens said...

Yes, I am nosy. I like to see what other people read!

New follower!

Bonnie said...

Oh yes I love to look at other people's bookshelves. I am most often always suprised by what I find. You can learn SO MUCH about someone by what they are reading and it is a fantastic way to start a conversation!

Deborah/TheBookishDame said...

I used to try like mad to keep my eyes from straying to people's bookshelves when I was visiting them! Now, I just tell it like it is, "I'm a fearful book nut, may I see your books?" Let the weirdness fall where it may. Most of the time it works for everyone, except when the books are just "accessories" and "we really don't read that much." Then, it's a conversation killer.
It's always a delight to me if someone asks me what I'm reading in a public place, a library or at a book store. I engage people at airports sometimes.
Let the bookish be bookish! :]
I'm a new follower of yours, come see me, too!

BookGal said...

We all seem to agree - thanks for following. I'll check you out.