Thursday, September 6, 2007

Booking Through Thursday - Goldilocks

Here's today's BTT. Today was the first day of school so my answers, hopefully, will make sense when you remember that fact.

Okay, so the other day, a friend was commenting on my monthly reading list and asked when I found the time to read. In the ensuing discussion, she described herself as a “goldilocks” when it comes to reading–she needs to have everything juuuuuust right to be able to focus. This caught my attention because, first, I thought that was a charming way of describing the condition, but, two, while we’ve talked about our reading habits, this is an interesting wrinkle. I’d never really thought about it that way.

So, this is my question to you–are you a Goldilocks kind of reader?

No, I am definitely not a Goldilocks reader. I love the analogy of everything needed to be just right. In my job, you have to be able to listen to many people at once while reading a teacher's manual and listening to a child read. You also have to watch for frantic bathroom needs etc. etc. I can read just about anywhere - noisy waiting rooms, in bars with loud TVs blaring, during a coffee house concert.

Do you need the light just right, the background noise just so loud but not too loud, the chair just right, the distractions at a minimum?

The light doesn't have to be just right, but it does need to be fairly bright - my eyes aren't getting any younger. Noise is never an issue for me. It can be very loud and I'll still be fine. I do have a favorite reading chair when I'm at home but it isn't necessary. I can read sitting cross-legged on the hard ground.

Or can you open a book at any time and dip right in, whether it’s for twenty seconds, while waiting for the kettle to boil, or indefinitely, like while waiting interminably at the hospital–as long as the book is open in front of your nose, you’re happy to read?

I'm happy to read anywhere, anytime. I can read for one minute or hours. I'll use whatever time I have.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Presbyterian Gal said...

I'm like you in that I need light, but don't care about noise. And can read anywhere, anytime.

Hope Surfergirl had a good first day. Wonderboy did, for sure.

Literary Feline said...

I used to be able to tolerate loud background noises when I read, but not so much anymore. I think I've come to appreciate the quiet too much. :-)

BookGal said...

Pres - Surfergirl had an "awesome" day - not so sure about this year's soccer team.

Lit - I'd love to have more quiet but it's just not my life right now.

Petunia said...

I am always amazed at those who can tune out the noise and concentrate on words. Guess I'm too easily distracted.

Bridget said...

You're not the only one whose eyes are "not as young as they used to be" - sometimes, that's my biggest problem now!

BookGal said...

Petunia and Bridget - Thanks for visiting. Hope my blog isn't too tough on the eyes (LOL)!