Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Rita :: Rudner (I've never seen her but heard she's very funny in her Vegas Show)

  2. Comedy :: of Errors

  3. Polar :: Bear

  4. Idiots :: Dorks (straight from the mouth of Surfergirl!)

  5. Perception :: Depth (dealing with a student who doesn't have any)

  6. Infected :: Toe (that really hurts!)

  7. Fake :: Eyelashes (had a friend who spent hours on her make up and when she passed away someone actually bought her fake eyelash collection YUCK!)

  8. Relating :: Reunite (again a Surfergirl contribution)

  9. Distraction :: TV

  10. Gamble :: House (a great landmark in the Pasadena, CA area)


Daisy Cat said...

It seems everyone has put bear for polar! The fake eyelash story is eugh!!

Zooomabooma said...

I didn't even know Rita Rudner was still popular enough to have a long running show of her own in Vegas... but yup.

And about 90% of the time, I put the very first thing that comes to mind but sometimes I switch from first thought to second almost immediately because I like my 2nd thought better... happened with Polar. Bear is what most people put but I actually though "ice cap" first... thanks, Al Gore.

See ya :)

Sherry said...

Oh yuck! Somebody actually bought a used fake eyelash collection? ::shudder:: Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

BookGal said...

Hi all - the eyelash story is true. People also bought used tweezers (for a quarter) and half-used nail polish. It takes all kinds.


Yuck on the eyelashes.

I liked your answer for comedy. :-)