Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday's Six - Power of Ten

1. Twelve percent of Americans say they have never had someone of a different race in their home. Have you had someone of a different race in your home? Have you been in the home of someone of a different race?

Absolutely, I have had people of many ethnicities in my home. I have also been in their homes. It would never occur to me to issue, or accept, invitations based on race.

2. When asked if they think gay people are actually born gay (as opposed to “choosing” to be gay, 51% say that homosexuality is something one is born with. Do you agree?

I do not want to speak for anyone else, or for anyone else's experiences, so I really don't know the answer to this one. I have some friends who have told me that they knew from very early that they were attracted to the same sex, and others who were equally attracted to both sexes and made a choice to stick with one person because they had found their soul mate. So I do think there is a genetic component.

3. Given our society’s obsession with the “perfect body,” the number might be expected to be higher, but 33% of Americans say they’d leave their partner if he or she gained 100 pounds. Would you?

No, I would not. I love my husband. The only thing I would do is encourage him to see a doctor to make sure his health was not at risk.

4. This question was originally asked only of women, and 54% said they’d prefer to watch the Super Bowl over the Academy Awards. Which would you pick and why?

Absolutely the Academy Awards, but not for the awards themselves. The best part is watching the awful dresses many actresses select. I have never liked football, but if it were the Stanley Cup Finals - that's different story. I would find a sports bar to watch the Cup, if I couldn't get it on my cable system. That wouldn't happen with the Academy Awards.

5. We hear a lot these days about protecting the institution of marriage. Oddly enough, that phrase is generally used in efforts to prevent people who love each other and want a committed relationship from actually getting married. Fifty percent of Americans say that it would be a good idea to require couples eligible for marriage to undergo marriage counseling before they can walk down the aisle. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

My husband and I were required to attend a day of counseling before getting married, and it was a joke. It was a group setting, and the couple presenting the information were very uncomfortable. The husband took the lead, and they had a great deal of trouble with the sexual part of the presentation. If someone could do it well, it would be a good thing. I think mandating marriage counseling would put a whole lot of bad programs out there that would do more harm than good.

6. A popular potato chip’s ad slogan says, “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” But 39% of Americans claim that they can stop at just one chip. Are you one of them?

If it's a chip I like, then no I can't stop. But there are some chips I don't like, like Fritos, so one is definitely enough.

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cj said...

Great questions, great answers, Bookgal. The stas are also interesting, and in some ways, a little sad.