Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday's Six - Restaurants

1. As a general rule, how much of a tip do you leave on a normal night of satisfactory service at a restaurant?

I tend to leave 20%. I feel sorry for most servers, who I think have a completely difficult and demanding job. Actually, I have added to other people's tips if I feel they are too low. I've become very good at being the last person away from the table, if I need to be.

2. What happens when the service and/or the food is completely unacceptable: how much of an impact does that have on your tip?

I will probably drop the tip to 10%. I do have a friend, who at times, tips in quarters. He puts the quarters, in a stack, on the table at the start of the meal. He tells the server that this is there tip. He will take quarters off the pile if the service is slow or mistakes are made. That's way too severe for me.

3. What was the last food you picked up from a restaurant and ate at home?

If fast food counts, it was probably Jack in the Box after a late night. If it's a "real" restaurant, I think we ordered Chinese a few weeks ago.

4. Take the quiz: What’s your pizza personality?

Meatball Pizza

Unusual and uncompromising.
You're usually the first to discover a new trend.
You appreciate a good meal and good company.
You're an interesting blend of traditional and modern.

This is horribly ironic because I don't eat red meat and have never had a meatball pizza in my life.

5. What was the last dish you tried to cook yourself based on a dish you sampled at a restaurant?

I don't know if cookies count by I've tried to duplicate the chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields.

6. How close to the original recipe did yours get?

I've been told the cookies are very good and quite close to the original. The recipe is a pain in the neck, with a lot of ingredients including hand grated chocolate. I only try this once a year.


Literary Feline said...

I'm a 20% tipper too. Sometimes more. I leave 15% for mediocre or bad service. Your friend who sets the quarters out ahead of time is taking a big chance with his food. I know people in the serving industry who would be as polite and attentive as can be to someone like that and put a little extra something in his food to show their "respect". The person would never know. Servers spitting and doing other things to food is not a myth, sad to say.

Presbyterian Gal said...

That's funny. I took the quiz and I'm a cheese pizza. And I do eat red meat.

Ditto on the 20% tipping.

BookGal said...

Literary - I agree it's a big risk. My husband teaches college level and we tend to get students as servers. I always ask my husband what their grade was for that very reason.

Pres - Ironic, huh?