Monday, September 3, 2007

Socks - Reviewed by SurferGirl

Socks is a very good book.

It all starts when two kids are doing a kitten sale for 20 cents and the girl of those two people that were selling the kittens loved this cat named Socks. She didn't want anyone to buy him so she hid him behind her back and in the mailbox. And then a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Bricker saw Socks in the mailbox, and they wanted to buy him. They adopted him for 50 cents!

Socks is in paradise. He gets scratched and rubbed by Mrs. Bricker, but then one day, Mrs. Bricker's lap starts to shrink (P.S. That's what Socks thinks). The next day, they came home holding a bundle in a blanket, and Socks saw it was a baby. In the next few weeks, the baby was getting all of the attention and not Socks. One day a sitter came. Her name was Mrs. Risely. She loved Socks, and the baby, Charles William, not so much. The next morning Socks was mad that Mrs. Risely was gone.

The next week, Charles William's cousin, uncle, and aunt came to visit. The aunt said that Socks was looking a little fat, and so Mrs. Bricker put him on a diet. That meant four slices of kidney not eight.

Two weeks later, Charles William's Nana came to visit. She hated Socks. So Socks began to think that everything he did was wrong to Nana. Then one day Socks began to get so mad at Nana and Mrs. Bricker that he bit Mrs. Bricker's ankle. About five minutes after that, he got thrown out of the house into the backyard. A couple of hours later, when it was pouring, a mean cat from next door named Old Taylor attacked Socks. After the attack, Socks was bitten up, wet, cold, and scratched. So Mr. and Mrs. Bricker let Socks in the house so they can dry him off. And then they decided he could live in the house again.

After that, Charles William and Socks became best friends! One day Charles William was taking his afternoon nap. Socks was annoyed that Charles William had dropped his bottle out of his crib and it made a big splatter noise. Charles William pushed his crib to block his door. Right before it shut all the way, Socks came in. They were throwing cotton at each other and playing with brown bear together. Mrs. Bricker had to use a stepladder to get into the room to stop that.

I thought it was funny, loving, a little mean and I think other kids would really like it. My favorite part was when Charles William and Socks were throwing cotton at each other because it was funny.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Wonderboy liked it as well. We read it first thing this summer.

I didn't mind the mean and tough parts. Because they were couched between sweetness and happy endings. It's good to have that in stories at this age, I think.

Much Ado said...

Hi there, was just looking through your nightstand and i can't wait to read what you think of a lot of the books, especially Poisonwood Bible, saturday and The Road.