Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Singles :: Kraft (You know - the sticky cheese in the plastic wrappers - is it really cheese?)

  2. Blaze :: of Glory (It's a holdover from American Idol last season.)

  3. Sandwich :: PB and J (I have the only kid in America who hates them!)

  4. Outside :: Choices (A phrase left over from preschool days)

  5. Gooey :: Sticky

  6. Industry :: "The" as in movies and TV (Can you tell I live in L.A.?)

  7. Exclusive :: I can't really think of anything - I'm stuck!

  8. Warranty :: Extended

  9. Magical :: Mystery Tour (It's a Beatles kind of day)

  10. Heels :: High (They make my feet hurt - I'm not too good with "girl" shoes.)


Ben said...

Thanks for dropping in! And yeah, the Beatles are awesome.

boliyou said...

I like #9 and #1. My kid hates peanut butter, too. I thought she was the only one!

Kwizgiver said...

#1--I don't know why that came to mind... I HATE that kind of cheese.

That's why I love these memes, though, the unpredictable nature of the answers. I thought of Blaze of Glory, too... but went with the more dominant thought.

Thanks for visiting my mutterings. :-)

BookGal said...

Thanks all for visiting. I like mutterings for the same reason as Kwiz.

stitchwitched said...

Thanks for the visit ... My DH works for Kraft, and no, most of their food contains very little real cheese, or real food, anymore. DH is looking for a new job because, and I'm not kidding, he's embarrassed to say he works there for exactly that reason.