Sunday, September 2, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Scrabble :: fun game to play with SurferGirl

  2. NyQuil :: a good night's sleep

  3. Roadtrip :: Harry Potter (we listened to book one and most of two on our last one)

  4. Idiot :: Village

  5. Bandages :: Star Wars (the only ones allowed in our house)

  6. Series :: Nancy Drew (my favorite book series growing up)

  7. Summer :: ending (school starts soon)

  8. Prompt :: writing (I use them with my students all the time)

  9. September :: hot (always at the start of school)

  10. Chicken :: nice, chewy, and greasy (from SurferGirl)



I like Star Wars bandages, too...and it is just me and my husband. :-)

Melissa said...

You left a comment on my Unconscious Mutterings at, earlier - thanks for that - I love your responses to.

I've got a bookblog as well, and have just added you to the blogroll there - hope you don't mind?

-- Melissa

BookGal said...

Melissa - Of course I don't mind. I'll check out your book blog!

Butterfly - Thanks for visiting.

Allie Boniface said...

Mm...another teacher! Good luck with the start of school :)

meowminx said...

Your #4 made me laugh. I forgot about that one!

Mine's posted here.

Have a great week!

My daughter goes back to school tomorrow (ugh!) Good thing we just live right beside the place.

BookGal said...

Allie and meow - Good luck in the new school year!

meowminx said...

Thank you! You too! :)

ryc: I think my daughter will love Year 2. She already knows the teacher, and the previous students the teacher taught didn't want to move to the next grade. I have met her too during a parent-teacher meeting.