Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Six Unimportant Things About Me

I got tagged for this one by Brie at Cupid's Chokehold.

I guess I've already done numbers 1 and 2 so on to number 3!


1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

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3. Share six unimportant things about you

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1. I am a coffee addict. I always have coffee with me in the morning. I carry a cup to work, my students give me Starbucks gift cards, and my husband has bought me numerous travel mugs because I leave them everywhere.

2. I hate white walls. I think every wall in my house is some color. I can think of blue, purple, green, clay, tan, and a variety of stenciled and sponge painted treatments.

3. I can reupholster simple projects like dining room chairs. I'm a whiz with a staple gun.

4. I love Disneyland. My personal best is 35 rides in one day (leaving at 7:00 not closing) and never waiting in a line more than 30 minutes.

5. I have heard my name called across Las Vegas casinos, Disneyland, California Adventure, and a variety of airports by numerous students both past and present.

6. I have been in the first ten rows of a Bruce Springsteen concert, dancing on the chair the whole time, and have been to an acoustic Bruce concert - just the man and his guitar.

OK .... now I'm supposed to tag people, but I don't like that part so ... if you're reading this and want to play along ... consider yourself tagged.


Literary Feline said...

An acoustic Bruce concert? I'm so green with envy! I bet that was truly awesome.

My husband loves Disneyland too. He's really into the history of the park and is a walking trivia game.

Brie said...

I'm with you on the white walls. They are so blah. Puls I think that painting the walls personalizes a house, makes it a home.

Dewey said...

I wonder if it's possible that we were at the same Bruce concert?

Trish said...

Fun! We are in a rental house right now and I miss my painted walls so badly... And 35 rides??? What a day!

BookGal said...

Literary - I'm not that good at the trivia. My one claim to fame is that my father-in-law worked the opening day of Disneyland as an usher for celebrities.

Brie and Trish - That's why my husband and I bought our first house. Our landlord, at the time, wouldn't let us paint one wall blue even though we promised to paint it white when we moved!

Dewey - Absolutely:)